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6/3/19 8:13 AM

Principal's Message

March 5, 2020


Puma Parents…


Thank you for the handful of emails I have received regarding ongoing concerns regarding the Covid-19 outbreak.  Please know that the health of your children is as important to me as the health of my own boys who attend SRVUSD schools.  These are uncertain times as we deal with this issue and I wish I had all the answers to make you feel completely comfortable sending your child to Pine Valley to receive their education, safely.


As I get my news, I too am captivated by how other countries and our more local governmental agencies are dealing with this threat.  Who is doing it right?  Who is being irresponsible?  Is the data accurate?  Unfortunately, the answer is, “We don’t know.”  In uncertain times when things seem out of control, I personally like to take a deep breath and focus on things that we can control in hopes of feeling like less of a victim.  This strategy may seem like an oversimplification in the face of such a serious issue, but what choice are we really left with? 


Since I am an educator without a medical degree, I need to look to “experts” in the medical field to direct our community through this.  I also need to understand that the advice given today may be different than the advice given in a week.  As the information changes, we adapt and move forward responsibly. 


As Pine Valley families look to the principal of the school for guidance, I will of course discuss ongoing concerns with all of our stakeholders; students, parents and staff.  However, please note that I will be deferring to our district leadership who have open lines of communication with the county health department who have the most current and accurate information.  I say this not to avoid responsibility, but because I believe it is the most responsible thing to do.


Please know that I am getting daily communication from district leadership with updates regarding things to consider, specifically to student and staff attendance, site hygiene and upcoming fieldtrips.  I was going to include some of that information in this communication, but you will be getting that directly from SRVUSD.  Please make it a point to read all district email as this is the information I will be referencing if you contact me directly.


I know these are anxious times, but we must remain calm and communicate accurate information.  The safety of your child is, and will remain, our number one priority. We will of course respect the rights of parents and the decisions they make.  However, in the meantime, we will continue to educate your child in our established routines and take the precautions necessary to keep them safe.




Jason Law


Mr. Jason M. Law