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News and Information | Covid Call Center | Changes to Student Access to YouTube
Posted 9/3/21

Help With Your Covid Questions


In an effort to be responsive to the needs of our community, the SRVUSD is creating a pilot program establishing an After Hours District Call Center to respond to questions that arise specific to Covid protocols in our District after receiving an exposure letter from a school site.


The Call Center will be staffed by SRVUSD employees who have been trained in public health required Covid-19 protocols. If Call Center staff are not able to answer your questions directly, they will know how to get answers for you promptly. 


  • Call Center Phone Number: 925.552.5054

  • Pilot runs from Tuesday, Sept. 7th through Thursday, Sept. 9th. From 6 - 8 p.m.

  • The purpose of the Call Center is exclusively to address questions about quarantining/modified quarantining, testing, and returning to school after quarantine

  • Documentation and proof of vaccination will not be accepted at the Call Center

  • If you call during the hours of operation (6 - 8 p.m.) and no one picks up your call, you may leave a message and someone will respond to your message as quickly as possible.

  • The pilot will start small to determine need 

  • Based on the results of the pilot, we will make adjustments and continue the program if it meets the needs of our community


The Call Center phone number can be accessed anytime on our website.


Change to How Students Access YouTube


There has been an update made by Google and YouTube that affects student accessibility to YouTube videos from a school Gmail account. YouTube is an application that is owned by Google and is connected to our students' school Gmail accounts. It is used as a teaching tool by many SRVUSD teachers in a variety of classrooms.


Beginning on September 1, 2021, depending on their grade level, student access to YouTube will change in the following ways:

  • Students in grades TK through 8 will no longer be able to view videos on using their school Google account. Instead, students will access YouTube videos for school via a digital integration shared directly by their teachers. For instance, teachers will embed the video in Schoology.

  • Students in grades 9 through 12 will continue to access YouTube videos directly with their account, but they will no longer be able to create or comment on content.


This shift will provide the continued opportunity for students to learn through YouTube videos since they will be directly connected to the videos that enhance learning that is aligned to the classroom lessons. 


Please note, we do not have authority over this change. We understand this poses an inconvenience for our staff and we will support those who would like to continue using these resources in their instruction. Unfortunately, we were given little notice about this change. This change is not unique to the SRVUSD. It is the result of Google changing how they enforce how all K - 12 students interact with YouTube. 

More Information from Google