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Iron Horse Middle School Important Information
Posted 11/15/19


As part of our ongoing effort to be transparent, we want to let you know that last night, we sent a message to the Iron Horse Middle School community that again, a threat was discovered in a boys bathroom on the Iron Horse campus. The threat read, “school shooting 11/22 1:00”. The threat was specific to Iron Horse. No other schools are involved.


The police are continuing to investigate the threat, as is the Iron Horse administration team.  We want you to know that we are taking this threat seriously. We have asked the community to join us in helping to find who is responsible by making sure that any information that could help with investigation be reported to any adult on campus or to the anonymous tipline available on the website homepage.


As we have said before, but it merits repeating, the safety of our staff and students is our greatest responsibility and it will always be our highest priority. We are asking the community for patience and trust as we work through this situation. This situation is a new phenomenon that school districts throughout the State are experiencing. Our response to this threat must be based on decisions that are made thoughtfully, with input from experts. We are taking the time to make those thoughtful decisions and promise to keep everyone informed as more information becomes available. 


Questions or information can be emailed to