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Hurry ! Sign up for your country you want to represent at Diversity fair and once slots fill up we will have meeting with booth leads.

Friday, April 11th, 2014 from 4:00 to 7 pm

Pine Valley Middle School MPR

Unity in Diversity

We are looking for students, parents, and community members to host festive booths that will: represent their culture, uniqueness, special needs, and other diverse backgrounds and interests that make our Pine Valley community such a wonderful place!

In the past, participants have shared their history/culture through the arts, bite size food, games, and information that illustrates their connection to how they have adapted over time with today's modern culture. Our goal is to celebrate our heritage and diversity and set an example for our children to care, respect, and show compassion for everyone around. We encourage performances and activities for the fair.

If this is something that speaks out to you, please contact our Inclusion and Diversity Chair, Anna Zakharyeva or

All questions are welcome! So let's celebrate our students' diversity through unity.

Please use this link to sign up for booths and want to be part of the Unity Fair.

Sign Up For Unity Fair Booths